Norman Park Residence

Team Invilla Architecture. Liona Constructions. products used Versawrap & Accents Dura Linea Mounting Blocks Dura Custom Post Accents Dura Custom Skirt Board Back to Project Gallery

Buccan Residence

Team Heritage Homesteads. products used Versatex Mouldings Versatex Corners Dura Custom Window & Door Trims Dura Custom Fretwork Dura Linea Mounting Blocks Back to Project Gallery

Ashmore Residence

Team Thomas Hughes Constructions. products used Versatex Soffit System Versatex Trimboards Versatex Corners Versatex Sheet Dura Custom Door and Window Trims Dura Custom Column Wraps Dura Custom Letter Box Back to Project Gallery

Ascot Residence

Team Brooklyn Building Co. products used Versawrap Dura Custom Gate Dura Custom Balustrade Panels Back to Project Gallery